Topshop Zephyr & Equinox Eye Crayons


I'll be honest.  I am a make-up snob.  Hence I never really had a good look at Topshop makeup.  Until now.

We've all had those moments where you've waiting around for a friend in a shop, so you're having a browse around, picking up things you'd never normally pick up or look at.  Then BAM!  There's something that you must buy right there and then.

These eye crayons from the Sandstorm collection did it for me.  They've been out for a few months, but I've never looked at them until now. I think it was the more sophiscated packaging that drew my attention to them.

They are similar in concept to MAC shadesticks - fat retractable eye crayon that can either be used as a smudgey eyeliner or blended out as an eyeshadow.    Initially I tried how long they would last on my hands.  I swatched then walked around Topshop, rubbing them a few times to see what would happen.  They stayed put.  I bought Zephyr first, then went back the next day for Equinox.

These two particular shades are metallic and very shimmery.  Zephyr is a blue grey with silver glitter.  Equinox is peach champagne with silver glitter.  They are similar to the two Stila items I bought recently, Kitten eyeshadow and Black Cat smudge pot.  Equinox is peachier than Kitten.  Zephyr is more to the blue side compared to Black Cat.

left to right: Equinox, Kitten, Zephyr and Black Cat

At £8.50 these eye crayons are affordable.  I would recommend them as they're perfect for an after work look - convenient, easy to use (no mess!) and creates a great look.

p.s. I was quite impressed with the eye products in the Sandstorm collection.  The eyeshadow mousse reminds me of Shu Uemura Eye Jelly circa 2006 - bouncy cream to powder eyeshadows. Apparently the new Chanel cream eyeshadows are similar to Shu Eye Jelly, so these Topshop ones may be a good budget alternative.


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