Stila Kitten Eyeshadow


Remember the days when Stila was really popular?  Everyone wanted one of their clear plastic pen glosses.  The convertible colours.  The illustrated palettes with the noseless Stila girls.

At that time, the only Australian stockist was Mecca (similar in concept to Space NK - in fact I think it IS a copy of Space NK), and the lip glosses retailed at A$60 or so, which would have been about £24 then.  Being a vain university student I really wanted one but it just wasn't justifiable.

Then somehow the brand dropped off the radar and no one was really making a fuss about them anymore.  But now Stila is back in the UK - I couldn't resist bought one of their most popular eyeshadows, Kitten.

 note no more cardboard!

Admittedly I didn't have many Stila eyeshadows back in the day but somehow this colour did not catch my eye then.  But now I look at it and it's one of those basic colours that looks great on its own or worn as a base colour.  Kitten is a shimmering champagne and it looks slightly peachy in the pan.

I've been wearing it for the last few days on its own, and I quite like it (and I don't usually wear eyeshadow everyday).  It is very shimmery but I think it works for day wear if you're not too heavy-handed.  The colour really brightens up the eyes.  It looks great for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes too - I think I'm going to do that tomorrow actually.

Texture-wise, it's quite smooth for a shimmer eye shadow.  Not sure how it performs with creasing as I wear it with Nars eye primer undereath, and hardly anything creases with this primer.

As for the packaging, I'm not really a fan, but at least it's better than the old cardboard packaging they used to have.  I know it's more environmentally friendly etc but I like my makeup packaging to be durable.  I don't have any of the old Stila refillable palettes or compacts but I would guess that the pans are still the same size.  The new eyeshadows look easy enough to de-pot as the packaging has a pin hole at the back.

This one is recommended if you don't mind shimmer.


  1. This used to be my go-to eyeshadow. Then, somehow other eyeshadows took over. Reading this makes me want to bring it out again from my stash to use it.

    I wonder the Boots near me have Stila yet......

  2. I have still yet to spot Stila in-store in Boots...

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