Lipstick of the day #5 - Tom Ford in True Coral


Formulated with rare and exotic ingredients, the luxurious formula has an ultra-creamy texture for an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated color pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity.
I'm not sure what rare & exotic ingredients are in them, but I find Tom Ford Private Blend lipsticks a little too creamy for their own good.  Yes it is very easy to apply the colour but I find it a bit too slippy - I can't seem to get an even and precise finish if I apply it directly from the tube.  A lip brush is a must for me when I use this lipstick.

It definitely is pure colour though - the pigments in these lipsticks are intense.  True Coral looks red swatched on my arm, but on my lips is pink-coral.

I love the embossed TF on the lipstick itself, although it makes you want to not use it.  The packaging feels heavy but not overly so like Guerlain Rouge G.  And there's THE click.

If you look up Tom Ford lipsticks on youtube, you will get a bunch of videos of women putting the lid back onto the lipstick and oohing & ahhhing over the luxurious sound of the click.  Yes it does sound pretty sexy but do not make it the sole reason for buying this lipstick.

This lipstick is for confident women because it just screams LOOK AT ME.

p.s.  Tom Ford is to launch a full makeup line this Autumn.  I prefer the black lipstick tubes - they're classic Tom Ford circa Gucci 2001.



  1. I love this lipstick - shade and texture! Great blog by the way wish you the best of luck with it! :)

  2. Thanks :) I like it too - can't wait to see more colours when his full range launches.

  3. Oh this has totally made me want to try the new Tom Ford! Been on the lookout for a orangey lipstick, any recommendations?

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